You Can Fight Your California Traffic Tickets – Ticket Ninja

California Traffic Tickets
The day started out so nicely for you that you felt like you did not have a care in the world. Then you looked up in your rear view mirror and saw the flashing lights of the police car telling you to pull over and suddenly your day got a lot worse. A […]

Make the Frustration of That California Traffic Citation Go Away

California Traffic Citation
Even when you think you are obeying all of the traffic laws, there is always the chance that you are going to end up with a ticket. In today’s world, many municipalities see ticket writing as an easy way to bump up the revenue of their town or city and law enforcement may […]

Deal with a Red Light Camera Ticket the Right Way

Red Light Camera Ticket
You have had a great day all around since the time you woke up this morning and you feel like nothing can bring you down. This happy feeling runs all the way through to the time that you start to open your mail and notice an official-looking envelope in with your other […]

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You Can Get Traffic Tickets Dismissed with Our Help

Get Traffic Tickets Dismissed
It seems like it is almost impossible to go through life without getting some traffic ticket issued to you. Somewhere along the way, you are likely going to run into a situation where you get cited for speeding, rolling through a stop sign, failed to use your seat belt or some other […]

Can You Fight a Red Light Ticket?

Red Light Ticket
There are many instances that come up during driving where you may find yourself going through a yellow light that is just turning red. It happens all of the time today.However, there are situations where you may be seen by a police officer, and the officer may quickly pull you over to give […]

How to Fight a Traffic Ticket Successfully

There is no worse feeling than looking in your rearview mirror and seeing the flashing lights of a police car behind you, directing you to pull over. At this point, you likely realize that something is wrong and you are about to get some ticket for a traffic violation. Whether it is for speeding, running […]

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