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Your search is over – We deliver Great Value and even Greater Results!  We can help you get your California traffic ticket dismissed, and our $99 Complete Ninja Defense Package is backed by our 100% money back guarantee.

How It Works

How to fight California traffic ticket

Just click on the Get Started button and follow directions.  The sign up process will give us all of the information we need to custom craft your trial by declaration defense package.  If any information is not clear, we will contact you personally before we finalize the paperwork.  We will finish the work within 4 business days from sign up.  If you need it sooner than that, you can request a 1 or 2 day rush.  Once we finish the work, we will send it to you by email with easy to follow instructions and also send you a text message.

Mailing the trial by declaration for your California traffic ticketThe next step is to print out your defense documents, sign it, and mail out to court with the bail payment.

It will take the court about 2 to 3 months to send you a notice of decision letter.

Fight California traffic ticket with Ticket NinjaDismissed!

A majority of our customers will get their ticket dismissed on the trial by declaration step.  For our customers who do not get dismissed on the first step, we continue to provide personal support for the second step(trial de novo) without any additional fees.

#1 in Customer Service

At Ticket Ninja, we are serious about providing the best customer service experience possible.  We are easy to reach by phone, email, or through our website.  Our friendly Ninjas will answer any questions you may have about our service or about your ticket.

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Timeline FAQ

From submission of the trial by declaration paperwork to Notice of Decision : 2 to 3 months average

From dismissal of the ticket to refund check:  45 days average

If trial by declaration not successful: Send out New trial request within 20 days

Once new trial date is received: Contact Ticket Ninja for full support throughout this step.

Trial by declaration for California traffic tickets

You have 2 chances to win with TBD

Why Use Trial by Declaration(TBD)?

  • You do not have to go to court.
  • Officers do not receive extra pay to do the extra paperwork required for Trial by Declaration, and when they do not submit the declaration on time, the court automatically dismisses your case.
  • It is easier to fully present your defense in writing compared to a court trial.
  • You have 2 chances to win.
  • You are still eligible for traffic school even if you lose the TBD.

More information on why Trial by Declaration is so effective.

Why should I choose Ticket Ninja?

  • Each of our Trial by declaration form is custom made for each client.  We do not use any automated software to prepare your TR-205 form. 
  • Unlimited phone consultations 7 days a week – we are easy to reach!
  • If Trial by declaration was not successful, Free New Trial preparation support
  • Our work is of the highest quality and we only charge a flat fee of $99 for document preparation
  • Absolutely NO hidden fees
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Personalized customer serviceClick here to see our Yelp reviews
Ticket Ninja CA are experts at getting your California traffic ticket dismissed.

Ticket Ninja CA are experts at getting your California traffic ticket dismissed.

 Trial by Declaration(TBD) FAQ

Traffic School FAQ

With TBD, you do not have to go to court. Officers do not receive extra pay to do the extra paperwork required for Trial by Declaration, and when they do not submit the declaration on time, the court automatically dismisses your case. It is also easier to fully present your defense compared to a court trial. Additionally, with TBD you have 2 chances to win, instead of just one, in a court trial. You are still eligible for traffic school even if you lose the TBD.
Ticket Ninja prepares each TBD defense by hand and we do not use any automated software to generate the TBD defense. Each TBD defense is custom made based on the information you provide to us. If anything is not clear, we will contact you personally and get additional information from you, before we finalize the defense paperwork.
Once we have finished preparing your TBD paperwork, we will send it to you by email attachment, with full instructions on how to send the paperwork to the court. We will also send you a text message to your phone, to remind you to check your email.
You just need to print it out, sign it, and mail to the court with the bail payment.
On the average, it will take about 2 to 3 months, for the court to send you a Notice of Decision letter.
Once you have received the Not Guilty verdict on the TBD, there is nothing more you need to do. The court will send out a refund check for the full bail amount to you in about 45 days and you will have no points on your record and no need to do traffic school.
You are eligible for traffic school once every 18 months.
No. The law allows you to do traffic school even if you lose the Trial by Declaration(TBD).
Technically, if you lose in the New Trial, you are no longer automatically eligible for traffic school. However, the judge will have discretionary powers to grant you traffic school and they will often do that, especially if you ask. Sometimes the judges will have you do an 8 hour traffic school, instead of the usual 6 hour traffic school.
The court fee for traffic school will be around $60, payable to the court.
Online traffic schools typically charge around $10 to $20. They are very easy to find on the internet.
how to fight california traffic ticket

Over 90% of the people who receive California traffic tickets do not fight their tickets. Do not become one of those people!

Why should I even fight my ticket?

  • Majority of our clients get their tickets dismissed
  • No points on your driving record when you win
  • No increase in insurance premiums
  • No traffic school when you win
  • Our service is backed by our 100% money back guarantee
  • With Trial by Declaration, you have 2 chances to win

Fight California traffic ticket get started

Do you think your California traffic ticket was unfair?

If you do, than you are not alone.  Is there a quota system for California traffic tickets?  Read the article below and decide for yourself.

LAPD to pay $10 million in traffic ticket quota controversy

Do Traffic Ticket Quotas Really Exist?

Police Across USA Charged With Traffic Ticket Quotas To Meet Budgets

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Using traffic tickets as a vehicle for collecting infrastructure and service revenues is an incentive for law enforcement to be especially zealous in their collection activities, contributing to conflicts in the field and disrespect for the law in general. It encourages illegal quota systems, raises suspicions about police motives and shifts law enforcement away from more serious crime fighting and prevention.

Why a $100 California Traffic Fine Ends up Costing $549

Unfair California traffic ticket is more common than you think

Many motorists feel that their California traffic ticket was unwarranted and unfair. Is there a quota system for issuing traffic tickets in California?

no hidden fees

Our $99 Complete Ninja Defense Package

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  • Custom made Trial by Written Declaration Defense package ready for your signature
  • We deliver in 4 business days by email(we also have 1-day or 2-day rush delivery for extra fee)
  • Additional violations on a single citation – No extra-charge
  • Trial De Novo Form – No extra-charge
  • Assistance with in-court trial preparation if your Trial by Declaration was not successful – No extra-charge
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How to get California traffic tickets dismissed

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Ticket Ninja CA are experts at getting your California traffic ticket dismissed.

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Find out whether we can beat your red light camera ticket

Did you know that many camera tickets can be successfully dismissed just based on the quality of the driver photo alone?  That is just one of the many types of defenses that are available for camera ticket violations.  We would be happy to review your photos and video of your Red Light Camera Ticket, and let you know what we think.

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You can also just send us an email to: TicketNinjaCA@gmail.com with your login information for viewing your ticket photos and video.  We have done a lot of these tickets with a very high rate of success and there are certain things that we look for when we review your photos and video.  Once we have reviewed your photos and video, we will reply to your email and let you know what we think.  There is no charge for this service and there is no obligation to use our services.

How to fight California traffic ticket fine amounts

Most Common California traffic tickets

22350 : Basic Speed Law

22349 b : 55 MPH Maximum Speed Limit

22349 a : 65 MPH Maximum Speed Limit

22356 b : 70 MPH Maximum Speed

22348 b : Speeding over 100 mph

21453 a : Circular Red or Red Arrow(c)

21453 b : No right turn on red

22450 a :  Stop Sign

21655.5 b : Carpool lane violation

21655.8 a : Driving Over Double Lines of Preferential Lanes

22406 a : Truck or tractor over 55 mph

22348 c : Failure to use designated lanes

22108 : Failure to signal

21461 a : Failure to obey signes

16028 a : Proof of Insurance

22101 d : Illegal Turns

22102 : Illegal U-Turn in Business District

22103: Illegal U-Turn in Residential District

22107: Unsafe Turn or Lane Change

21460 a : Improper Turns Over Double Lines

21460.5 c : Improper Turns From Two-Way Left-Turn Lane

21950 a : Failure to Yield to Pedestrians in Crosswalk

21951 : Overtaking Vehicles Stopped for Pedestrians

21802 a : Failure to Yield Right of Way

21806 a : Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicles

38300 : Failure to obey traffic control devices

23123 a : Cell Phone Violation

21651 a : Crossing Double Yellow Lines