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Your search is over – We deliver Great Value and even Greater Results!  We can help you get your California traffic ticket dismissed, and our $99 Complete Ninja Defense Package is backed by our 100% money back guarantee.

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  • Each of our Trial by declaration form is custom made for each client.  We do not use any automated software to prepare your TR-205 form.  We often communicate with our customers multiple times before we finalize the TR-205 form, with unlimited revisions until you are completely satisfied with our work. 
  • Unlimited phone consultations 7 days a week – we are easy to reach!
  • If Trial by declaration was not successful, New Trial preparation support
  • Our work is of the highest quality with very reasonable fees
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Ticket Ninja CA

Ticket Ninja CA are experts at getting your California traffic ticket dismissed.

how to fight california traffic ticket

Over 90% of the people who receive California traffic tickets do not fight their tickets. Do not become one of those people!

Why should I even fight my ticket?

  • Majority of our clients get their tickets dismissed
  • No points on your driving record when you win
  • No increase in insurance premiums
  • No traffic school when you win
  • Our service is backed by our 100% money back guarantee
  • With Trial by Declaration, you have 2 chances to win
  • Your fine amount will not go up even if you fight and lose

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Do you think your traffic citation was unfair?

If you do, than you are not alone.  Is there a quota system for traffic tickets?  Read the article below and decide for yourself.

LAPD to pay $10 million in traffic ticket quota controversy

Do Traffic Ticket Quotas Really Exist?

Police Across USA Charged With Traffic Ticket Quotas To Meet Budgets

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Using traffic tickets as a vehicle for collecting infrastructure and service revenues is an incentive for law enforcement to be especially zealous in their collection activities, contributing to conflicts in the field and disrespect for the law in general. It encourages illegal quota systems, raises suspicions about police motives and shifts law enforcement away from more serious crime fighting and prevention.

Why a $100 California Traffic Fine Ends up Costing $549

Unfair California traffic ticket is more common than you think

Many motorists feel that their California traffic ticket was unwarranted and unfair. Is there a quota system for issuing traffic tickets in California?

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How to get California traffic tickets dismissed

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Free review of your photos and video

Did you know that many camera tickets can be successfully dismissed just based on the quality of the driver photo alone?  That is just one of the many types of defenses that are available for camera ticket violations.  We would be happy to review your photos and video of your Red Light Camera Ticket, and let you know what we think.

No obligation and no charge!

If you would like us to take a look at your Red Light Camera Ticket, please send us the login information to the camera ticket photo website to: TicketNinjaCA@gmail.com

There are 3 main websites that the cities use for storing the photos and video:


You need to send us:  1. City Code   2. Citation number   3. Vehicle plate number


You need to send us:  1. Notice #   2. PIN


You need to send us:  1. Citation/violation #   2. pin #

Once we have had a chance to thoroughly review your photos and video, we will reply back to your email and let you know what we think.  For any questions regarding your ticket or our service, please feel free to call us at (818)331-0084.

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Please feel free to call us anytime from 8 am to 8 pm, 7-days-a-week.

We are here to answer any questions you may have about your ticket or our service.

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More Information on How to Fight Your California Traffic Ticket

You have received a traffic citation in California.  Should you just pay the fine, and perhaps ask to go to traffic school?  In most situations, that would be the worst course of action that you can take!  First of all, you will not be making use of a very effective legal process, which the State of California has provided for you, that has a proven track record of getting those tickets dismissed!

California is one of the few states in the United States that allows non-misdemeanor traffic violations to be contested by trial by written declaration without  going directly into court or hiring legal representation to go on your behalf.   Trial by written declaration is not only the most convenient way, but even if you do not prevail(as in a small percentage of cases) you still retain the option of going to traffic school and an option to contest that ruling by requesting the Trial De Novo or New Trial.

Whether you are a regular driver or a commercial truck driver, Trial by Written Declaration is the BEST way to get your California traffic ticket dismissed.  At Ticket Ninja CA, we are the experts at helping you to make the most out of this process and getting your California traffic ticket dismissed!

A Convincing Defense

Ticket Ninja CA is the California traffic ticket defense specialist that can assist you with the trial by written declaration process.  According to our experience, most traffic tickets will be dismissed at this stage if the trial by written declaration is prepared correctly with a convincing defense.  When you file the trial by written declaration, the officer that gave you the traffic citation also must submit his/her declaration to the court.  In a large percentage of the cases, the officer is either too busy or decides not to file his/her declaration.  In which case your California traffic ticket will be dismissed by the court and your bail amount will be refunded to you.  If the officer files his/her declaration, the judge will look at both declarations and make a judgment.

Trial De Novo(New Trial)

Should the court find you guilty as in a small percentage of our cases, you have two options.  One is to accept the judgement and request for traffic school if you are eligible.  The other option is to file for a Trial De Novo(New Trial) which will be provided to you as part of your defense package.  On the trial date, there is another chance where you can prevail easily if the officer does not show up for trial.  If the officer shows up, you can still let the court know that you will not contest your violation and opt for traffic school.  If you feel strongly about your defense, you can face the officer and contest your ticket at that time.

Assistance in Preparing for the New Trial Should You Need It

In a small percentage of our cases where Trial by Declaration was not successful, we strongly recommend that our clients go all the way to confronting the officer in court, if he shows up.  Our experience has been that in many cases, our clients have had excellent results based on the defense that was in their original trial by written declaration.  At Ticket Ninja CA, we will not only prepare your trial by written declaration, but if you are in the small percentage of cases where you do not prevail with Trial by Declaration, you can rest assured that we will be with you all the way!  During this whole process you can call us at any time with any questions or concerns that you may have.   There is no additional charge for this service.  The $99 flat fee to fight your California traffic ticket covers all of these services.

The Experts at Dismissing Your Traffic Ticket

At Ticket Ninja CA, we are the EXPERTS at helping you to beat your California traffic ticket.  We only work with California traffic tickets and that is all that we do.  Should you have any questions about your California traffic ticket or our process, please feel free to contact us.

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