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Refund Policy

Ticket Ninja CA will refund 100% of the $99 document preparation fee if your citation is not dismissed or reduced after using the defense we have provided for you in the trial by declaration defense package, in the (1)Trial by declaration and in the (2)New trial.   If your citation is not dismissed or reduced after using the defense we have prepared for you at the New trial, just submit written proof(Minute Order from the court) that you have contested your citation at the New Trial(Trial De Novo) and your citation was not dismissed or reduced, within 30 calendar days from the date of the New trial and we will refund the $99 document preparation fee within 5 business days.  If your fine was reduced, but by less than $99, Ticket Ninja will refund the difference to you.  If your fine was reduced by $99 or more, there is no refund.

Rush fees are not refundable and considered fully earned regardless of whether your citation is dismissed or not.

If you do not use the Trial by Declaration paperwork that we have prepared for you, for whatever reason, you cannot ask for a refund of the $99 document preparation fee that you have paid to us.  Our document preparation fee is fully earned when we take the time and effort to review your ticket information and prepare your Trial by Declaration defense package.